We offers a wide range of fuel treatment chemicals. The fuel additive range of products are designed to condition fuel for better performance and operation of the system. Fuel additives are chemicals, which alter the combustion parameters including the formation of SO3. There are wide ranges of chemical, used to improve combustion by Improving atomisation, Stabilising fuel, Reducing excess air, Catalysing combustion

Descaling/Chemical cleaning is more effective as the removal of inorganic and organic foulants from process lines, equipments, surface etc. Cleaning should be combination of three elements i.e. Solvents (acid, alkali, surfactant), Fluid velocity (stirring, spraying, agitation, air rumbling and steam addition etc) Heat (hot water or hot surface). Cleaning is divided into two categories : pre operational cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning.

Our industrial descaler is specifically designed for descaling stainless steel and is for the safe removal of scale deposits within stainless steel based equipment.  This biodegradable descaler contains no HCL (Hydrochloric acid) yet retains the dissolving rate and speed frequently associated with more aggressive base components.  ScaleBreak-SS base properties are safe for the prolonged exposure to stainless steel and eliminate the long-term potential of hydrogen embrittlement.  Protect your stainless steel investment and use ScaleBreak-SS, the top choice for professionals.

Our fuel additives/fireside is designed keeping in mind typical fuel oil related problems and overall improvement in fuel economy. Use of fuel additives insures reduction in oil sludge, prevention of corrosion in oil storage tank, pipelines and an objective of cleaner environment.
The fuel additives also help to improve overall combustion improvement by reduction in soot and clinker formation as well as stack temperature. Fireside chemicals contain silicate based combustion catalyst, slag modifiers, corrosion inhibitors and dust suppressants that help overall combustion resulting in better system performance.