We offer a wide variety of custom designed water treatment equipment, and therefore can be the sole source for all your water treatment needs.

Not sure what you need? Contact us today and we can help you choose the proper Membrane equipment to meet your requirements.

We offer industrial models to meet the brackish water treatment requirement of the industries. The industrial units are constructed based on a process expertise and field experience that we possess backed by leading membrane manufacturers

For high TDS waters, RO can be more cost effective than ion exchange, while having the added advantage of avoiding the use of acid and caustic. We can help you determine if RO is the best solution for your plant and provide a custom designed system for your application.

Industrial units are custom-made to meet a variety of applications to suit individual customers. Precise engineering helps to produce RO systems that are efficient and dependable for years. All industrial units utilize the state-of-the-art latest generation thin film composite polyamide membranes.

We provide the latest generation Hollow-Fiber ultrafiltration systems. These ultrafiltration membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01 – 0.10 µm and have a high efficiency in removing bacteria and most viruses, colloids, and silt.
The advent of Ultrafiltration (UF) as a pre-treatment for Colloidal Silica removal and tertiary treatment for Recycling plant has resulted in several advantages.

Typical benefits of a UF system include:
Consistently Low SDI In The UF Filtrate
Significantly Reduced RO Membrane Fouling And Cleaning Frequency
Extended RO Membrane Life
Reliable Production Of High-Quality Water Regardless Of Raw Water Turbidity
Higher RO Membrane Flux
Smaller Footprints Lower Land Acquisition Costs
Lower Consumption Of Operational And Cleaning Chemicals
Modular Design Enables Simple And Efficient Retrofits

EDI is often used as an alternative to mixed bed polishers where inlet water quality allows and also has the advantage of avoiding the use of acid and caustic. Systems are compiled from modular “stacks” to meet your flow rate requirement. We can help you determine if EDI is a suitable solution for your plant.

All of these contribute to a lower operational cost. We would be happy to provide a payback analysis of conventional versus packed bed technology.